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ElmvaleCelebrate Water

Celebrate Water

We protect what we value, we value what we understand.

Celebrate Water

We protect what we value, we value what we understand.

The Elmvale Water Kiosk

Many of you know that the Elmvale area has some of the purest groundwater on the planet. Now that pure, cold, spring water is even easier for you to enjoy. The Elmvale Water Kiosk (44o 35' 37.55" N, 79o 52' 28.98" W) is the new shelter created for the artesian flow on the E side of County Road 27, just 750 m N of the main intersection in Elmvale (Yonge and Queen Streets).

The original spring was difficult to access safely in winter, and there was the risk of contamination of water in jugs and carboys by rain and snow during inclement weather.

Original Well Head

The original well head (dating from the installation in 1967) was raised and replaced with stainless steel and now provides three spigots. The surrounding area was filled with gravel and a concrete pad was poured to elevate the access point. The Kiosk, in the shape of a traditional hip roof barn and designed to fit into the surrounding, rural landscape, was constructed of galvanized steel. A trough guides the flowing water to the ditch which returns it to the Wye River.

The Project

This Project was made possible by the efforts and generous support of the Elmvale Foundation from the following:

Ainley and Associates - grading shots and surveying, Barrie Welding - the metal structure and well head spigot design and supply, Canadian Well Drilling - well head alterations (special thanks to Peter Fleming), Elmvale Lion’s Club - labour to pour concrete and install wood siding, Elmvale Home Building Centre - concrete reinforcing bar and wood siding, Georgian Paving - site preparation, and Sargeant Co. Ltd - Ready mix concrete and retaining wall products.

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Please stop by anytime to enjoy our beautiful water all year round. This delicious water has always been free, and always will be ! 

Please treat this facility with the respect that it so richly deserves. Please leave only your footprints. 

For more information, to sponsor, donate or volunteer, please contact:

William Shotyk, President
Elmvale Foundation 

The Elmvale Foundation. We protect what we value, we value what we understand.

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