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Scientific Advisory Board, Elmvale Foundation

Jean-Daniel Berset (Ph.D., Berne, Switzerland) is a Senior scientist at the Water and Soil Protection Laboratory of the Province of Berne, Switzerland. Specializing in organic environmental chemistry, his research interests centre on the accurate determination of organic contaminants in different types of water samples (ground water, waste water, surface water etc.).
Email: jean-daniel.berset[at]bve[dot]be[dot]ch

Ray Clement (Ph.D., Waterloo) is a Senior Research Scientist with the Laboratory Services Branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. He has published over 160 papers and technical reports concerning the analysis, sources, and fate of toxic organics in the environment, and has published five books.
Email: ray.clement[at]ontario[dot]ca

Michael E. Goodsite (Ph.D., Copenhagen, MBA Thunderbird) is Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Global Processes at the Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark. He is interested in the transport, conversion mechanisms and fate of contaminants in remote region atmospheres and applying these to sustainable businesses and local governement climate strategies.
Email: mgo[at]dmu[dot]dk

Michael Krachler (Ph.D., Graz) is a research scientist at the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry, University of Heidelberg, Germany. Specializing in analytical environmental chemistry, his research interests centre on the reliable determination of trace elements and Pb isotopes at the extremely low concentrations found in ancient arctic ice and pristine groundwaters. 
Email: krachler[at]ugc[dot]uni-heidelberg[dot]de

Ron Martin (Ph.D., Antigonish) Professor of Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario. Prof. Martin specializes in the use of advanced analytical techniques (Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, and Synchrotron Radiation Analysis) for studying environmental problems.
Email: rrhm[at]uwo[dot]ca

Teodoro M. Miano (Ph.D., Bari) is Professor of Soil Chemistry. His main research interests focus upon organic matter and especially the humic fractions of soil, and their interactions with pesticides and metals, and their importance to waters. Applied studies include the use of waste materials and biomass as soil amendments in agriculture.
Email: miano[at]agr[dot]uniba[dot]it

Stephen A. Norton (Ph.D., Harvard) is Professor of Earth Sciences and Adjunct Professor in the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, USA. Prof. Norton specializes in paleolimnology, the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine whole ecosystem acidification experiment, and aqueous geochemistry of surface water. His current research is focusing on the biogeochemistry of the relations between aluminum, iron, organic matter, and phosphorus availability.
Email: Norton[at]Maine[dot]Edu

Jerome O. Nriagu (Ph.D., Toronto), D.Sc, FRSC is Professor in the School of Public Health and Research Professor in the Center for Human Growth & Development, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His areas of current research focus on risk assessment and risk management with emphasis on toxic metals in the environment; environmental justice; and environmental pollution in developing countries.
Email: jnriagu[at]umich[dot]edu

Peter M. Outridge, (Ph.D., Toronto) Research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, specializing in environmental geochemistry. Special interests are lead isotopes as tracers of environmental lead sources, mercury in the Arctic, and climate change impacts on metal dynamics in the environment. He is co-chair of the Mercury Experts Group for the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, an international government agency concerned with contaminants in the Arctic. 
Email: outridge[at]NRCan[dot]g[dot]ca

Michael A. Powell (Ph.D., Western Ontario) International Consultant, Geocon Environmental Consulting, and Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies (Science/Biology), University of Western Ontario. Fields of interest include non-traditional soil amendments, soil-plant-metal interactions, environmental impacts of coal utilization and use of coal combustion byproducts mixed with stabilized biosolids in agriculture.
Email: mpowell[at]mpowellinternational[dot]com