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Selected Science Publications

A64. Shotyk, W. and Krachler, M. (2010) The isotopic evolution of atmospheric Pb in central Ontario since AD 1800, and its impacts on the soils, waters, and sediments of a forested watershed, Kawagama Lake. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (published on the web 19.1.10). Download Here 

A63. Shotyk, W., Krachler, M., Aeschbach-Hertig, W., Hillier, S. and Zheng, J. (2010) Trace elements in recent groundwater of an artesian flow system and comparison with snow: enrichments, depletions, and chemical evolution of the water. Journal of Environmental Monitoring (published 14.1.10 in the thematic issue on Water, January 2010; DOI:10.1039/b909723f). Download Here 

E4. Shotyk, W. and Krachler, M. (2010) Determination of trace element concentrations in natural freshwaters: how low is "low", and how low do we have to go? Journal of Environmental Monitoring DOI:10.1039/b917090c (Guest Editorial, published in the Special Issue on Water, January 2010). Download Here 

A61. Krachler, M. and Shotyk, W. (2008) Trace and ultratrace metals in bottled waters: survey of sources worldwide and comparison with refillable metal bottles. Science of the Total Environment 407:1089-1096. Download Here 

A56. Shotyk, W., and Krachler, M. (2007) Lead in bottled waters: comparison with pristine groundwaters and contamination from glass. Environmental Science and Technology 41:3508-3513. Download Here 

A55. Shotyk, W., and Krachler, M. (2007) Contamination of bottled waters with antimony leaching from PET increases with storage. Environmental Science and Technology 41:1560-1563. Download Here 

A49. Shotyk, W., Krachler, M., and Chen, B. (2006) Contamination of Canadian and European bottled waters with antimony leaching from PET containers.Journal of Environmental Monitoring 8:288-292. Download Here 

A48. Shotyk, W., Krachler, M., Chen, B. and Zheng, J. (2005) Natural abundance of Sb and Sc in pristine groundwater, Springwater Township, Ontario, Canada, and implications for tracing contamination from landfill leachates. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 7:1238-1244. Download Here